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Kettlebell Seminars Workout of the Month

Finally,  this Months work out is here and I apologize for the delay in publishing this for you but we have had issues with the video (as you may see when you watch it ).  When we uploaded it to YouTube the video has started to glitch slightly but this shouldn’t make any difference to your work out!! We are working on the ‘glitch’ issue to try and rectify it over the weekend and just as soon as we can get a new video up we will let you know.

PLEASE REMEMBER:  If you are following the Kettlercise™ programme for weight loss, do not use this month’s featured Kettlebell strength workout.  The Kettlercise™ Body Transformation System is specifically designed for weight loss and body tone.  You can view clips of the Kettlercise Body Transformation System by <<Clicking Here>>Kettlercise™ is a totally different workout than the featured Workouts Of The Month that im posting out.

This months kettlebell workout is a challenge, I have again gone through all the exercises in the circuit and given you the rounds to complete. This month is a 4 week program and on your last week I want you to time your rounds and let me know how long it took and what weights you used!!

I suggest ladies use an 8kg or a 10kg and Men use a 16kg or a 20kg for this circuit.

To view Work Out of the Month – August please <<Click Here>>

August Kettlebell Workout: 

A1. Alternating Clean & Press x 10 L & R
A2. Tactical Lunge x 10 L & R
A3. Alternating Floor Press x 10 L & R
A4. Turkish Get Up x 5 L & R
A5. Step Up x 10 L & R

Week 1

Take a 60 Secondss rest between each exercise and then a 120 seconds rest between each round of A1 – A5.

Repeat A1 – A5 three times

Week 2

45 Seconds rest between each exercises and then a 120 seconds rest between each round of A1 – A5.

Repeat A1 – A5 three times

Week 3

30 Seconds rest between each exercises and then a 120 seconds rest between each round of A1 – A5.

Repeat A1 – A5 three times

Week 4

Warm up thoroughly and set stop watch at start of A1 and stop it at the end of A5. – No rest between exercises this week!!
Rest 90 Secs and repeat procedure two more times then relax…

Please comment on this post with your times and weights used on the program to let us know how  you got on.

Have a great workout,