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Fenuplex - A Secret Of ..
Fenuplex - A Secret Of ..

One of the basic tenets of the Biosignature system is that modulating insulin will always improve your body composition scores, whether or not you have the androgen levels of a field...

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Part 2:

So, as promised here’s part 2 of my CLA article…………

The CLA Paradox………..I’m on a fat loss diet so have been advised not to eat fat!

One of the  biggest fallacies committed by most people seeking weight loss and/or fat loss is they seek the advice of the so called industry experts (even expert weight loss coaches) and their advice is to stop fat intake altogether!!! 

 However, stopping fat intake altogether could have drastic repercussions in a negative way and here’s the reason why:  Stopping all fat consumption means that you will stop CLA intake as well (not to mention the other ggod fats). As a result, your body is deprived of the metabolism-enhancing benefits of CLAs and the residual fats in your body could take a much longer time to burn.

 CLAs are essential in the way that they enhance the rate of fat metabolism; they help in increasing the effectiveness of other weight loss products and bring about a noticeable change in a persons fat deposits.

The Benefits of CLA

So, CLA’s are scientifically proven to burn fat, but they are distinctive because CLA’s can target the most obstinate fat that has been stored within the body over the years.  Some weight loss supplements can effectively remove fats that have been recently consumed but they draw the line over fat that has been accumulated for a long period of time because of the chemical reactions that take place in them, making them more difficult to remove. CLA’s have proven themselves to be highly effective eliminators of such obstinate fat.


CLA’s are attributed to many health benefits but by restoring the body’s levels of CLA:

• help in increasing the fat metabolism of the body, which results in weight loss.
• help in lipolysis, which is the scientific term for the fat tissue breakdown in the body.
• help in increasing the amount of healthy muscle in the body, which is known as lean muscle mass.
• are responsible for various enzymatic actions in the body which help in the digestion of food.
• can assist in reducing the size of the fatty cells present within the body.
• can help in what is known as ‘inch reduction’; essentially meaning they promote inch loss.
• help control and maintain the overall metabolic rate of the body.


In summary what’s the real benefit of CLA?

  • CLAs are known to burn fat but are distinctive from all other fat-burning foods because they can target the
    most obstinate
    fat that has been stored within the body over the years.
  • Additionally they prevent your body from storing excess fat.  Most weight loss supplements can
    effectively remove fats that have been recently consumed but they draw the line over the removal of
    fat that has accumulated over the

Now obviously the best way to view this is in combination: 




 For Those interested in taking CLA for Health or Fat Loss: 

 - Recommended use: 1 capsule 3-4 x’s a day
 - Qty: 90 caps

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Our L-8 Lean Burn diet shake also contains specially developed formulated levels of CLA, Green Tea, L-Carnitine, Vitamin and Mineral Matrix, Prebiotic (Fructo-Oligosaccharides) and its a combination of these ingredients that work as a fat loss activator – a blend of ingredients to help you lose fat, get lean and give you the enhanced tone and sculptured body shape that you desire

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 Until next time……….Have a great weekend!