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BCAA Excellence

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The holiday season is upon us and so often at this time of year I hear people complain about their flabby middles and I’m often asked “how do I get the flat abs or washboard stomach in time to hit the beach”.  Well, here’s the interesting thing.  Some people WILL be more susceptible to bloating than others without them even realizing it and for that reason it’s important to determine just how much of your own bloating problems stem from this every day common occurrence. Bloating after eating and/or constant bloating may be an indication that your food is not digesting properly.

I get questions all the time stating “I’ve been careful what I’m eating and have been exercising regularly for weeks but I’m not seeing the results on the scale, what am I doing wrong?”  To answer your questions the following could go some way to explaining the reasons why.  You may be doing one or all or a mixture of some of the following but there really are common things that you can avoid or test yourself to monitor how your own stomach reacts. 

 It is my hope that the following ‘#5 Holiday Secrets to a Flatter Stomach’ goes some way to answering your questions and in helping you get that flat stomach you desire so that you can have your best beach body ever…………..FAST!!


Tip #1: Salt

Eating foods that are high in salt or eating foods that are high in sodium can add to increased water retention.  Foods that are heavily processed such as microwavable foods, ready made meals, take away and processed foods are often high in sodium………its added in huge quantities before it even hits the super market shelves (and is also the reason why these foods are so addictive) so you should avoid them at all costs if you want to feel comfortable hitting the beach!!!!  Don’t add unnecessary salt to your food and meals either to further reduce fluid and water retention.


Tip #2: Bread & High Carb foods:

In order to look your ultimate best and give you that wash board flat stomach you should reduce 9or avoid altogether) your intake of high carb foods, especially white flour foods such as: pasta and bread.  Over eating carbs can also prevent a higher percentage of fats being converted to energy.  Meaning that if you are exercising regularly but eating higher carb foods you could actually store this energy as fat because your body cannot convert it easily.


Tip #3: Raw Veg Intake

Believe it or believe it not eating too many raw vegetables can result in the production of too much gas and with further add to your bloating as some raw veggies contain ‘raffinose’ which is a very hard to digest sugar.  Certain people will be more sensitive than others due to their own individual levels of bacteria present in their own guts.  The only way to find out is to test your own reaction.  Try eating a piece of raw broccoli (or any other veg) to see how your stomach reacts – if it bloats……avoid it!!


Tip #4: Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can actually cause your stomach to swell because when you chew you’re automatically swallowing large amounts of air that goes straight to your stomach.  Sugarless gum contains artificial sweetener, this can further add to bloating because your body is unable to break down the added artificial substitutes as easily.


Tip #5: Carbonated Drinks

Excessive intake of carbonated drinks such as coke, diet coke and sorry folks but even sparkling wine, cider and even sparkling water can also cause further bloating because these drinks contain excess air (its what causes the bubbles).  You ingest the bubbles, so rather like chewing gum; these larger amounts of air are going straight to your stomach.  Just imagine if you’re a gum chewer AND you love bubble filled drinks too!!! 


IMPORTANT: What may come as a surprise to most people is that an inadequate intake of water will cause excessive stomach bloating too…………….make sure you drink plenty of water (bubble and sparkle free of course!!)


Pre-Biotics play a very important role


But wait, there’s more……..

If your digestion is poor or to put it another way if you have an imbalance of bad pathogenic bacteria and friendly probiotic bacteria in your gut it can result in poor digestive health………….which you will know as bloating.  It has been clinically proven that ensuring that you have a good intake of pre-biotic can significantly reduce bloating and in turn improve your digestion by rebalancing the stomachs equal measure of good/bad bacteria. 

Prebiotics are crucial to our health and are also used to enhance immune function and promote calcium absorption along the intestinal tract.  They actively feed the good bacteria (or pro-biotic) in your digestive system and colon and furthermore they also aid weight loss.

 That’s why when we developed our own supplement ‘L-8 Lean Burn’ not only did we include the weight loss formulas CLA, Green Tea and L-Carnatine and our special Vitamin and Mineral Matrix,  we also made sure that it was specifically formulated to include just the right balance of pre-biotic too!!.  Anyone that’s looking at weight loss should be taking this product because it is excellent!


 And just as a measure of good will I’m giving you the heads up that there is a price increase on Monday 1st August.  …….don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

 <<Click Here – to order ‘L-8 Lean Burn’>>


 Until Next time, Stay Strong!