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Kettlebell Seminars Workout of the Month July 2011

This month sees us launch our new feature ‘Workout of the Month’

Following on from our monthly launches, each week Guy will share some tips on various topics including: training methods, nutrition and sports specific topics.

Not all of our monthly Workouts will feature Kettlebells; some might include workouts with ropes, tornado balls, power bags etc.

This months Kettlebell workout is based on the more traditional use of Kettlebells (as we do on our Level 1 instructor program) focusing on strength and endurance.

IMPORTANT: If you are following the Kettlercise™ programme for weight loss, do not use this month’s featured Kettlebell strength workout.  The Kettlercise™ programme is specifically designed for weight loss and body tone (you can view the programme by clicking here)  ……………………Kettlercise™ is a totally different workout. 

So here goes, July’s Kettlebell Workout comprises of four exercises………….simple but quite a tough circuit (believe me it’s deceptively hard!!!!)  Each month Guy will deliver step by step, 1:1 coaching with front and side instruction of each exercise (It’s like having him personally coach you……priceless).

Not only that he’ll also show you how to put them altogether in to a workable circuit with repetition and rest…..but don’t forget to warm up.

July’s Kettlebell Workout:
Exercises Covered:

  • Double Swing
  • Double Clean
  • Double Press
  • Double Squat

Work Out:

2 Reps – 30 Second Break
4 Reps – 45 Second Break
6 Reps – 50 – 60 second break
8 reps – 90 second break and start again……
2 reps
4 reps
6 reps – 90 second rest
2 reps
4 reps

Have a good work out,