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                                            Kettlebell Death Circuit
                                       warning this is an Advanced circuit




This kettlebell circuit requires the participant to alternate between lower body and upper body exercises in a circuit based fashion. This method of training is very intense as blood is shunted from the lower extremities to the upper ones. It is often referred to as PHA or Peripheral Heart Action training. Combined with short rest periods between exercises it induces a large amount of growth hormone release. This hormone is responsible for developing lean muscle growth and burning body fat in both men and women. The program comprises just four exercises which are as follows :-



Double Kettlebell Swings – 1 x 12 reps – rest 60 secs.


Double Kettlebell swings are similar to the one-handed swing, but instead of holding one kettlebell, you hold one in each hand. Here’s how to do Double Kettlebell Swings.


1.      Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and place 2 kettlebells between your feet.

2.      Squat down and grab the handles with each hand, palm toward your body. Look forward and keep your chest up.

3.      Now stand up. As you stand up, swing the kettlebells out in front using the power of the hips.

4.      Now bring the kettlebells back down. As you go back down keep looking forward and keep your chest up.

5.      Swing the kettlebells between your legs, but don’t let them touch the ground. Brace the abdominals hard at the bottom of the movement.

6.      Now repeat the process. Keep the motion fluid, with no pause at the top of the swing.



 Start position Double kettlebell swing                                                 Top position of the Kettle Bell Swing





Double Kettlebell Press’s – 1 x 12 reps – 1 sec up, 2 secs down tempo – rest 60 secs.


The Double Kettlebell Press involves initially cleaning 2 Kb’s to the rack position and then explosively driving them to above your head in one movement. Here’s how you properly perform the lift.


1.      Stand with your feet should width apart and place 2 kettlebells between your feet.

2.      Squat down and grab a handle with each hand. Make sure you’re looking straight forward and your chest is up.

3.      With power, stand straight up. As you stand up, pull the kettlebell on a vertical line leading with the elbows and catch in the rack position.

4.      From this position drive the kb’s directly above the head.

5.      Slowly lower back to the rack position.

6.      Repeat for desired no of reps.
Kettlebell shoulder Press top position

Double Kettlebell Jumping Lunge – 1 x 24 reps – rest 60 secs.


  1. Clean two kettlebells into the rack position and get into a lunge position.
  2. Jump up slightly and switch legs landing in the lunge position while keeping the kettlebells firmly racked.
  3. Repeat for desired no of reps.
  4. Alternatively the kettlebells can be held at arms length at the side of the body.
  5. Keep a rhythmic pace throughout the set
Kettle Bell lunge

Double Kettlebell Row – 1 x 12 reps – 1 sec up, 2 sec down tempo – rest 120 secs.


  1. Grab two kettlebells and stand feet shoulder width apart, upper body bent over at approx 45 degree’s with kb’s at arms length.
  2. Pull kettlebells up in a straight line so that hand finishes next to waist with elbow pointing directly up.
  3. Slowly lower back to start position and repeat for desired reps
Kettle Bell row bottom                                     Kettle Bell Row top


After completing circuit through once and resting 120 secs, start again at the beginning and repeat upto four times. Please remember that this circuit is very demanding so make sure you are thoroughly warmed up before you start.