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Kettlebells for Fat Loss
By Guy Noble



“Hold on a minute,” you might say. “Did you say kettlebells can help me lose fat? But how in the world can weight training make me lose fat and do it fast?”


You just asked a mouth full. Yes, kettlebell training can make your body lose fat. Yes, kettlebell training can makes you shed pounds at a fast and furious pace. That’s because kettlebell exercises both strengthen your muscles and make you use your cardiovascular system. Kettlebell training is both a strength training exercise and an aerobic exercise.


In order to lose the most fat possible, you need to include both strength training exercise and aerobic exercise in your workout programs. But most workout plans separate the strength training exercises and aerobic exercises. For example, one day you might go workout on the treadmill or go to a spinning class. This is your cardiovascular exercise.


The next day you’d go to the gym and hit the weights. You might use machines or you might use dumbells and barbells and lift for a little while. This constitutes your strength training.


Do you see a flaw here? Your strength training and your cardiovascular training are separate. When you separate the two this makes it so you must exercise longer (and who has time for that?) to get in both your strength and cardiovascular exercise.


Now take a look at kettlebell training. Kettlebell training offers you the perfect integration of strength training and aerobic training. What do I mean? Let me tell you about one of the basic kettlebell moves you will do in a kettlebell training program. It’s called the kettlebell swing.


The all-in-one kettlebell exercise: The kettlebell swing

Here’s how you do the kettlebell swing.


·        Stand with your feet should width apart and put a kettlebell between your feet.

·        Squat pushing hips backward while keeping back flat and grab the kettlebell with both hands. Look forward and keep your chest up.

·        Swing the kettle bell slightly behind and drive with hips as you stand up to project the kettlebell out in front of the body. Keep a slight bend in your arms.

·        After the kettlebell reaches it’s maximum height driven by hips, let the bell return back to start position, still keeping your arms slightly bent. As you bring the kettlebell back you should start sitting back down and brace with the abdominals.

·        “Swing” the kettlebell between your legs. You should squat down until your knees are bent at about 45 degrees. Your forearms should touch your inner thighs.

·        Now, without letting the kettlebell touch the ground, repeat the process. The motion should be nice and smooth, not jerky.
 Guy in the kettlebell swing start position
The drive through

Kettlebell swing top position

Whew! You’re probably getting tired just reading how to do the lift. When you actually try it, you’re going to be in for a shock. Many people are gasping for breath after doing the exercise for the first time after just 30 seconds. It effectively strengthens your entire body, works your cardiovascular system, and, most importantly, incinerates more calories than most other exercises will.


Don’t believe this single exercise is as challenging as I told you it is? Go try it for yourself. You will be brought to your knees in no time flat.


And this is just one of many exercises you will do in a kettlebell training program for fat loss. There are many other kettlebell exercises you can do to both strengthen muscle, work your cardiovascular system, and burn fat all at once.
Guy Noble.
Senior Faculty Trainer.