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Kettlebells for beginners

Adrian Burton




Kettlebell training and exercise is for everyone. That includes everyone from couch potatoes to mixed martial arts fighters. If you haven’t exercised for a long time, there’s no need to worry. There is a kettlebell weight and a kettlebell training program that’s right for you.


Before you start any kettlebell training program its best to make sure you’re healthy enough to exercise. If you haven’t exercised for years and are not sure of your own physical health, it would be best to see a doctor before starting any exercise program.


With that out of the way, let me introduce you to the kettlebells. A kettlebell looks like a cannonball with a handle attached.


Its unique shape allows you to do certain types of lifts that would be difficult to do dumbells and barbells. You can swing a kettlebell around. Swinging a kettlebell strengthens the muscle on your body in a different, more complete functional way than other weights do. Russian athletes and military members have been using kettlebells for years because of how effective they are at strengthening and conditioning the body.


Choosing a kettlebells that’s right for you

Choosing the right sized kettlebell is an important first step. But there’s one big problem with kettlebells. It’s the fact that most gyms do not carry kettlebells yet. You are likely going to have to buy a set of kettlebells of your own to do kettlebell exercises. But how do you choose the right weight?, it should be cheap and affordable also cause you will definitely not spend fortune for it.


Try following these guidelines…


·        Average men should start with a 16 kg (35 lb) kettlebell

·        Stronger than average men can start with a 20 kg (44 lb) kettlebell

·        Average women should start with a 8 kg (18 lb) kettlebell

·        Stronger than average women can start with a 12 kg (26 lb) kettlebell


The best option would be to go to a gym a try out some kettlebells before buying. That way you will know for sure what’s right for you. But since there’s a good chance you won’t be able to find a gym with kettlebells, you’re probably going to have to guess.




I have my kettlebells. What next?

After you buy your first kettlebells you need to learn how to use them. Kettlebells aren’t exercise tools you can simply pick up and start using. You need to learn proper technique to do each lift correctly.


Many kettlebell exercises require you to swing the weight around your body. If these exercises are performed incorrectly they can be a hazard to both you and those around you. If you aren’t careful you could hit someone else. If you use improper technique you could injure yourself.


While kettlebell lifts aren’t overly complex, they’re not exactly simple to do, either. The best way to learn to do a new exercise is to have a professional demonstrate it to you.To Find a Instructor near You click kettlebell instructors


There are some basic lifts you should make sure you learn first. These lifts are lifts you will use a lot in any kettlebell training program. When you have a professional show you proper technique, make sure you learn how to do the 1 handed and 2-handed swing, the clean, clean and press and the snatch. After you master these moves, you can begin learning other exercises.


Don’t try too many different exercises at once. There is a good chance you will become confused just keep it simple in the early days. Once you’ve learned to do a few basic lifts its time to choose a training program. Choose a program that’s within your capabilities. That way you can stick to the training program and you don’t hurt yourself.


Kettlebells are powerful exercise tools. When used correctly they can transform your body into something you didn’t think possible

Until next time.

Adrian .
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