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Why you should train with kettlebells
A simplistic look at the reasons for using kettlebells

Guy Noble




Russians have been working out with kettlebells for a few hundred years. And there are reasons they’ve used kettlebells to train for so long. Kettlebells are extremely effective tools for increasing strength and improving your fitness. Let’s take a look at just a few of the advantages kettlebell training has to offer.


Kettlebells are portable gyms

Kettlebells are balls with handles. They’re relatively small compared to barbells and weight machines. You can just toss them in your car and take them with your wherever you go. If you want to train at the park, nothing is stopping you. Since kettlebells can work every part of your body, including your cardio vascular system, they’re a great way to get a good workout away from the gym.


Kettlebells are better than machines

Machines work a single muscle. While they may make that one muscle stronger, other muscles are neglected. Stabilizer muscles, muscles that support your main muscles, are not used when you’re using a machine. But many kettlebell lifts make you use every single muscle in your body. Not only does this develop your stabilizer muscles, it makes your body work harder and burn more calories, a big benefit if you’re trying to burn fat.


Kettlebells are better than dumbells and barbells

There’s no denying that barbells and dumbells are effective weight training tools. Unlike machines, they are able to work entire muscle groups, including stabilizer muscles.


But dumbells and barbells are still child’s play compared to kettlebells. Dumbell and barbell exercises do not make your body work as hard as kettlebell exercises do. Dumbells and barbells isolate muscle groups. Kettlebell exercises make you use every single muscle in your body at once, making for a more complete workout.


Ballistic kettlebell lifts work every system of the body, including your brain

Ballistic and swinging lifts are what make kettlebells extremely useful workout tools. Ballistic lifts, such as clean and jerks, are lifts that require you to swing your arms and body in a specific way to make you move a kettlebell. These ballistic lifts require mental concentration to do correctly, giving your brain a workout as well as your body.


When you do ballistic lifts correctly, most, if not every, muscle in your body will be used. And these movements do more than help you increase your muscular strength. They work your cardiovascular system as well. How’s that for a single lift? You can work your muscles, your cardiovascular system, and your brain all at once!


Kettlebell training helps prevent injury

Kettlebell workouts not only strengthen muscle, they strengthen the cartilage, tendons, and ligaments that hold your muscles and bones together. And stronger connective tissue means stronger, more capable joints.


Kettlebell training can help prevent injury whether you’re a young  athlete, a middle aged marathon runner, or a retired person who just wants to maintain their health.


Kettlebell training is the perfect, all around body workout

Using kettlebells for training has been shown to increase lean tissue, cause strength gains, increase cardiovascular fitness, and melt away fat. Of course, other types of exercise have the same benefits. But other forms of exercise do not do all these as effectively as kettlebell exercises do.


While something like running increases your cardiovascular ability, it does little for strength and muscle gains. Likewise, conventional weight lifting helps increase your strength but does little for your cardiovascular system.


Kettlebell training does it all. And that’s why you should consider adding kettlebells to your workout routine.

Guy Noble.

Senior Faculty Trainer. .
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