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BCAA Excellence

After insistent requests from PICP coaches and PPC members, we are proud to introduce our new branched-chain, amino acid product: BCAA Excellence.
For over fifteen years, I have ...

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 The New 1 day Kettlercise program

Kettlercise® Group Fitness Course, ‘one piece of equipment, one goal’.  A Kettlebell Course For Instructors & Personal Trainers That Teach Fitness Classes.
This program delivers a lean, toned body without the look of huge bulky muscles………...fat burning just got real simple.  The Kettlercise® programme follows the B.S.M. System, raising the metabolic rate skywards, ‘gaining a more bang for your buck’ complete all over body workout.

As we all know, the body is a system of systems. Kettlercise® is no different. It’s systemised, it’s simple to follow, it’s capable of delivering lightening speed results and is THE conditioning tool that solves the mystery of bringing kettlebell training to the masses.  You can take a group of clients who may have never even seen a kettlebell before and within minutes they are enjoying their first kettlebell training experience. Kettlercise® eliminates the need for clients to have 1:2:1 kettlebell sessions to learn the basics – they can just go straight in to attending a Kettlercise® class. Your clients will be astonished at the lightening speed results that kettlebells deliver and in lightening quick time.

The Kettlercise® course covers a huge range of kettlebell exercises ranging from basic moves to more advanced techniques, allowing you to have more control over classes whilst tailoring them to its participants, from high energy pulse raises to being able to place extra emphasis on target muscle groups like abs, glutes, arms and thighs and all with maximum effectiveness.   Never before has it been sooooooooo much fun to be a Kettlebell Instructor. I sound excited don’t I? Well that’s because I am!.  We trialled it, we tested it, we tweaked it, we tested it some more, then we polished it and now it’s in its finished format.....Welcome to Kettlercise®.


Here’s what’s included in the Kettlercise® Course!.
The Kettlercise® Program is taught over 1 Full Day. During the day we’ll coach you through the Kettlercise® concept and the strategies that lie behind it. You’ll cover all of the exercises that are required for you to be able to conduct a successful Kettlercise® class. We’ll also share with you how some people get it wrong and the secrets you need to know to make sure it goes right (we have Kettlercise® Instructors earning 30k per year from just 3 hours a week). 

......and here’s what you get as part of your Kettlercise® course: 

Ok, I really want to do this, tell me the investment so I can start to deliver Kettlercise® immediately

You can SAVE over £50.00's using our 'Early Bird Booking Discounts' (Normal course price £247), book early and your investment is just £164.17 (plus VAT) PLUS you'll receive ALL of the following Bonuses valued at £159.97 absolutely FREE if you book right now!

£49.99 yours FREE
2 DVD set covering 3 Kettlercise® Programmes
       1. Kettlercise® ‘Full Body Attack Program’
          2. Kettlercise® ‘Legs & Ab’s Blast Class’
          3. Kettlercise® ‘Upper Body Blitz Class’.

£39.99 PLUS FREE

Kettlercise® 90 Page course manual including FULL exercise descriptions and photos of ALL the exercises covered on the course. 

£240.00 PLUS FREE Every Month
12 Month’s Instructor Newsletter Subscription.

£49.99 PLUS FREE


Marketing Pack including 12 Steps To Filling Your Kettlercise®  Class so great you’ll have clients just standing in line waiting to join.  

PRICELESS PLUS Your Own Decicated 'Kettlercise® Success Coach'.

Giving you that personal touch and helping you make more of Kettlercise® as it's designed to be...........a complete 'Business In a Box' and to help you grow your existing business.

A couple of things you need to know. 

The Kettlercise® course is very practical you’ll be training a lot, you may even experience muscle soreness for a few days afterwards. You may want to bring a change of clothing as you may sweat a little, in fact you may sweat a lot!.

KETTLERCISE® is a licensed, trademarked REPS (8 CPD Points) approved course and you can only conduct a course if your name appears on the Register of Kettlebell Professionals (R.K.P.S.). There is a membership fee payable yearly of £25.00.

To book Click Here  

or click here to visit for more dates and details of future courses!! 

 To book your place Click Here or call
01282 698698 as places are limited to ensure
quality of instruction.

Kettlebells Exercises & Workout



Level 1 Kettlebell instructor - 2 day course
Learn the secrets of effective kettlebells training and why all of a sudden they are grabbing media headlines. We want to help you achieve the greatest possible financial success as a fitness coach/personal trainer. The more results that you deliver the BIGGER your client lists grow and the BIGGER your income becomes.  

The course objective is to ensure that when you leave us having completed your certification that you can take a client first thing monday morning that has never even seen a kettlebell before and train them to the highest and most effective standard possible within the kettlebell industry.  

Remember: your clients are results driven; they want results FAST and n
ow you can deliver the extraordinary results that your clients want in less time than you have ever done before. Whether you train de-conditioned housewives or professional athletes this amazing tool is an essential part of all of your training programmes. 
Deliver what your clients want NOW!! 

**Increased strength
**Increased endurance
**Increased power
**Improved tone
**Increased rapid fat loss
**Improved flexibility
**Improved core stability 

The Level 1 Kettlebells Instructor certification produces rapid results fast so that you immediately get an instant return on your investment. 
To Guarantee Your Place On The Level 1 Instructor Course Click Here to book NOW!

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About the Level 1 Instructor Course:
The Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor course is very demanding, its both physically and mentally tough and only the best will make the grade.  We cover more ground than any other kettlebell training course in two days and from your prespective we deliver to the very the best value for money in the industry.  If you are only looking to attend a course to get away from work on some sort of jolly then you are in the wrong place, please do not book if this is the case for you.

Here's just some of what we cover:
  • Kettlebell health & safety.  The safest way to use this effective tool and is your client suitable for this kind of fitness tool?
  • What Kettlebells are and what they are not (kettlebell fact and fiction).

    30 of the kettlebell core exercises and some peripheralsSome examples below:   

  • The swing single hand
  • The swing double hand
  • The clean and variations
  • The clean and press and variations
  • The swing snatch
  • Rows and variations
  • Windmills (4 progressions)
  • The turkish get up
  • Squats 
  • Tactical lunge
  • Push press
  • Crucifix 
  • Side Press
  • Bottoms up press
  • Gladiator 

 ....................and much, much more

4.    Fixing the flaws.  Common bio-mechanical flwas and how to instantly fix them.
5.    Practical assessment - coaching skills    
6.    Practical assessment - technique
7.    Written exam
8.    Introduction to circuits
9.    Program design
10.  Putting your circuits together
11.  Practical circuit design and coach
12.  How to keep your clients interested
13.  Q & A's

PLUS receive a full kettlebells course manual including step by step photographs of each exercise
PLUS full detailed explanations of coaching points and common faults associated with each exercise
PLUS example circuits for you to use immediately with clients upon successful completion of the course
PLUS Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor certification
BUT PERHAPS MOST OF ALL.........................if you make the grade you'll be a member of a very select group of elite, professional trainers!!!  
You see, we really do deliver THE best value Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor course in the industry.                      

To book your place Click Here or call
01282 698698 as places are limited to ensure
quality of instruction.

or click here to visit for more dates and details of future courses !!

 .......the kettlebell has no equal and is a highly effective and fun training tool capable of delivering lightening speed results because they give you a greater flexibility in business to keep you ahead of your competitors, create more business opportunities and attract more clients.   

Although they have been around for centuries there is now a rise in demand for highly skilled and competent Kettlebell Instructors, accelerate your income by becoming a certified Register of Kettlebells Professional Instructor NOW!!   Don't get left behind ............

Click Here to book NOW!


"Separate yourself from the average trainer and dominate your competition by becoming a recognized expert in the field of Kettlebells".        
Guy Noble - Kettlebell Seminars UK
 We’ll guide you through a step by step approach and show you how to:
- Instruct the 30 most effective Kettlebell drills
- Understand the safest way for your clients to use this extraordinary tool
- fix the flaws in your Clients
- Accelerate speed power and strength gains
- Write your own Kettlebell Training Programmes
- and much, much m

Here's just some of what past attendees of the Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor course have said:

"Very enjoyable and usefull and well worth the money.  After two days I feel ready and confident to implement everything I have learn't into my personal training sessions with clients."    Joe Nabarro - Kettlebell Instructor, Knaresborough 

"A must for anyone thinking of introducing Kettlebell work for their clients.  A clear, concise, practical course that was also great fun."   
Sally Cowan - Kettlebell Instructor
 , Altrincham 
or click here to visit for more dates and details of future courses   

"Very practical, very applicable and the instructors were very thorough in showing how to implement into safe and effective client routines."                                    
Helen Ross
- Kettlebell Instructor , Cheadle 
 Click Here to book or call: 01282 698698 to find out more about future course dates.  Places are always limited to ensure quality of instruction.